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What Are the Benefits of Lavender?

Lavender is often considered the best essential oil for anxiety, although there are other oils that also help for this purpose.

Lavender oil has a long history of anecdotal evidence that says it works to treat anxiety, but there’s research to back up the claim, too.

German scientists developed an oral use extract of lavender oil called Silexan. Silexan is not made from an essential oil because these cannot be ingested. Instead, the extract is made from the leaves of the lavender plant and often offered as a tea.

Because Silexan is standardized, it’s easier to get accurate results in research. According to a 2017 research reviewTrusted Source, several studies using Silexan have shown that lavender is effective for treating anxiety.

One of the benefits of the lavender extract Silexan is that it’s calming without being sedating. Drowsiness is an unwanted side effect for many people who try anxiety medication.

Lavender may also be effective in reducing the stress of childbirth. A 2016 clinical trialTrusted Source featuring postpartum women resulted in reduced stress, depression, and anxiety in those who regularly inhaled the scent of lavender.

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